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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler.
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the woman's body was found south of the district. blocks from the maryland line. darcy spencer joins us live from the scene with new details. darcy? >> reporter: hi, doreen. police are still here processing the scene. police officials do believe that this woman may have been murdered inside her own home. sources are telling news 4 that it appears someone may have tried to clean up the scene. technicians from the d.c. medical examiner as office were wore protective gear and masks as they removed the body of a woman dead in her southeast apartment for three or four days. pleats looked inside dumpsters on the property and used canines searching for potential murder weapons. >> right now our investigators are investigating as if it is a homicide. we're waiting to find out. i mean that's going to take time. we'll wait for the autopsy results. >> reporter: sources say the woman was found in her bedroom here at the cascade park apartments in the 4200 block of fourth street around 3:45 in the afternoon. police initially responded to
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the report of trouble at the apartment after her mentally challenged son jumped from the second story bedroom window. sources tell news 4 that the woman lived with her disabled son and he was being treated at a local hospital. >> obviously from talking with the relatives and neighbors, we believe there is a woman that lives in this location that did have two sons. so all that will come out in the investigation. >> reporter: an autopsy will be performed to determine how and when the woman died. neighbors reported seeing her drop her son off at the bus stop on monday. >> very sad. very, very sad. mother's day weekends back. >> i hope they find the person that they're looking for. you know, i hope this never happens again. >> reporter: now that woman's disabled son is still being treated at a local hospital tonight. sources are saying that he also appears to have been assaulted. now an autopsy is scheduled to be performed sometime tomorrow. reporting live from southeast,
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darcy spencer, news 4. >> thank you. the stock market today saw the steepest one-day slide in more than a year. the dow fell 376 points. that plunge came with concerns that europe's debt crisis could hurt the u.s. economy. tonight, the u.s. senate passed a wall street and bank reform bill with 59 votes. that bill provides more oversight of wall street. and it outlines new ways to look for risks in the financial system. >> i will insure that we arrive at a final product that is both infective and responsible. one that holds wall street to high standards of accountability and secures financial stability while preserving the strength and crucial functions of a financial industry that is central to our prosperity. the senate reform bill now must be merged with a version from the house. that could be done by the fourth of july. the head of the office that
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oversees the nation's 16 intelligence agencies is stepping down. national intelligence director dennis blare is expected to hand president obama his resignation tomorrow. his resignation follows a congressional report on intelligence failures. blare's office did not connect intelligence that could have prevented that bombing attempt on a detroit-bound plane last christmas. the department of homeland security said today the agency will not go after the family of a little girl who asked michelle obama about her mother's papers. the immigration issue came up as the first lady was visiting a silver spring school tomorrow. their priority is to go after known criminals. they do not plan to contact the little girl's family. the bank robbery task force wants help to find a man who's wand wanted for nine holdups in downtown d.c. police released photos of suspect today.
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investigate yorors say he's responsible for a robbery spree that began in november. the last one happened last tuesday. police say he struck twice on that day. in all, six chevy chase banks and three pnc branches have been robbed. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. graduate and families will see more police officers than usual in college park this weekend. police departments are teaming up to make sure that celebrations don't get out of hand. after this notorious night back in march led to a number of arrests and lawsuits. jackie benson joins us now with more. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, the streets of college park are expected to be very busy tonight. the university of maryland's 2010 commencement marks the end of a school year in college park that has seen its share of controversy, much of it over celebration that's got out of control. dozens of students were arrested
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for an alcohol-fuelled riot that broke out when the men's basketball team beat duke on march 4th. some accused police of using excessive force. campus and community officials are understandably concerned about graduation celebrations involving alcohol. >> our primary goal tonight is going to be to make sure that we have a safe celebration here post graduation. >> we're going to be working with the city of college park to insure that the bars and restaurants are maintaining all of their codes and standards on alcohol distribution. and we would like to ask patrons of the bars that they drink responsibly and act responsibly if they make the decision to get behind the wheel. >> reporter: the streets of downtown college park will be the subject of extra patrols by prince george's county police and campus police. >> we expect large crowds and pedestrians, crossing route 1 when is a busy highway. and so we're working with the police department with our own code enforcement officers and our own contract police officers to provide a higher level of safety. >> reporter: bars and restaurants have been asked to
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be extra responsible when it comes to serving alcohol. graduates say they plan to make the most of their last weekend in college park. and with more ceremonies planned for -- excuse me, scheduled for friday night, this is expected to be a very busy weekend here in college park. doreen, back to you. >> all right, jackie benson reporting, thank you. police and fire fighters in montgomery county are among the thousands of workers being forced to take unpaid leave. the county counsel says the furloughs decided on today will save about $14 million a year. depending on the income, workers will get between three and eight days of unpaid sick or vacation time. montgomery county teachers are not affected by that plan. the furloughs will take effect on july 1st. still ahead tonight, a virginia state senator's link to a drug buy in california. police officers in the south
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bend got involved in another shootout in a walmart pork parkipar parking lot. and the makeup of your mut, do they work? veronica, what's ahead in weather? >> early june warmth for us again tomorrow. and we've got showers in the forecast for part of the weekend. i'll tell when you. dan? redskins head coach mike shanahan responds to the rumors about receiver santana moss. the montreal canadiens try rough up the flyers. plus, find out if a few stumbles cost the [ wind whistling ]
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two officers were shot and killed in arkansas after they pulled over a van near the tennessee border. that van was later spotted in the parking lot of a nearby walmart. there was a shootout. two more officers were wounded. the gunman inside the van were killed. both of them had automatic rifles. it's not clear why the van was stopped in the first place. one of the officers killed was the son of the department's police chief. police in virginia say they've arrested the man who tried to rob a store in caroline county only to be interrupt bid a good samaritan. the rob hert gun pointed at a cashier on may 8 when a customer smashed a couple of beer bottles over his head. the robber shot the good samaritan and ran out. we've learned that customer has left the hospital. the man arrested was charged with attempted capital murder among other things. authorities are looking for two people who stole the identity of virginia's senate majority leader. then used his credit card to buy
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hundreds of dollars worth of marijuana. senator richard seslaw contacted virginia state police in march when his american express card was declined. investigators learned from police in california that somebody had changed his home address in springfield, virginia, to an apartment in sacramento. police believe the two suspects are now in fresno, california. a limousine carrying the couple who crashed preb's first state dinner was pulled over near the white house last night just blocks away. the president was hosting his second state dinner. they were a. in a limo pulled over by secret service after going through a red light. the salahis say they were meeting friends for a dinner and called the traffic stop an unbelievable coincidence. coming up tonight, doctors find a hole in bret michael's heart after he -- after the left side of his body went numb.
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>> reporter: can they tell you the true breed of your pet? find out coming up. veronica looks towards the weekend weather.
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when we hear dna, we think crime scene. but now dna testing has kbon to the dogs. we find to know if the home kits really work. >> reporter: meet a high end purebred welsh corgie, meet meadow, a rescued mut from mississippi. two dogs but who is their daddy or their mother for that matter. >> we did meet one of the parents, not the father, i believe. >> she looks like a chihuahua mix. >> what to know for sure? how about checking their dna. biopet ancestry canine hart
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heritage will do it for you for $60 to $120. >> she is part of the family. it's fun to know a little bit more about her. >> reporter: samantha is pretty sure her dog is a corgie but agreed to let us test her. >> open. >> reporter: and with a simple swab from each inside her mouth, we'll learn if she is who she says she is. gary wiseman who heads the washington animal rescue league is no stranger to dna dog testing. >> you know, whether or not there is really a good health basis for trying to get this information is debatable. for us, it's fun to find out what is in that puppy in the window. >> reporter: we used the same kits on meadow. she was rescued from a horrific sporting situation in mississippi. we have no idea of her ancestry. we mailed off our samples. about three weeks later, we got our results. >> ancestry analysis says you
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are the proud owners of -- level one welsh corgie. >> okay. i guess they all came out that she's pure then, right? >> reporter: all three tests agreed, she is a welsh corgie. i didn't have much doubt, to be honest. >> reporter: but what about our mut? >> oh, okay. >> reporter: the analysis says meadow is a real mix. it found five different breeds. results from canine heritage included in the mix. welsh corigie and the miniature pincher. >> our third kit came back entirely different. they're made up of chow, terrier and even a little rottweiler. >> okay, this one -- oh, my
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heavens. >> reporter: the dna testing companies tell whus a dog like meadow is such a mix, it's difficult to pinpoint a breed. >> it's interesting. and that's the case for all the companies. but there say lot inside these dogs. >> reporter: liz crenshaw, news 4, washington. they're bone cute. wherever they came from. >> exactly. >> nice weather to continue. yes. that's good enough for me. i'll take it one day alt a time. as far as this evening goes, what a great evening. i spent my dinner time where the weather could not have been better and cooperated. a lot of nbc 4 fans there, by the way. >> we sent them over there. >> paid them. >> to meet you. >> there you go. take a look. if you missed it today, a gorgeous sunset.
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we've had 8:18 today. 8:19 tomorrow. we got into the low and mid 80s across the area. early june warmth for us. we'll be there again tomorrow. that is after starting out at 54 degrees. right now we're at 67. and we're heading down to about 60 to 61 by tomorrow morning. district heights right now at 64 degrees. your wind light out of the south now after a high of 80 degrees. 79 was the high fairfax have va va a very light wind. so light winds to start the day tomorrow. but we will pick up some breezes and a big hello to chantilly, virginia. met some fans there this evening that are from chantilly. two ladies, two hopefully new weather watchers for us, too. all right. across the area, northeast cornerst country, 74, new york. we're at 67. yeah. warmth up there. 60 in raleigh. 75 in atlanta, georgia right now. all with some pretty clear
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skies. we have high pressure that is still hanging on. the same system that brought the mostly clear skies today and the real dry air. hang on for yet another day. built as it starts slip ago way tomorrow, you'll notice the wind shift. the winds will be out of the southwest in the morning. then out of the south and southeastern in the afternoon. and it's this next weather system here, can you see it stretching down to georgia up into areas of missouri. it starts to spread eastward. we're going to pick up high clouds. more high clouds throughout the day tomorrow. so a little bit of filtered sunshine by the afternoon. but a pretty significant system. it has been produce something severe weather yet again. not as many tornado reports as the day before. but still a lot of wind and hail damage through the south. spots like this down through the deep south where the peak tornado season runs through june. pretty powerful storms still making their way through areas of eastern alabama and eastern mississippi. next 48 hours, here again, increasing clouds. that weather system brings us our chance of rain by about
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midday saturday. first thing tomorrow morning, we're clear. a little fog. 63 to 62. a big range in temperatures across the area with clear skies and light wind. sunshine and dry air tomorrow again. we should easily get up to about 83 to 84 degrees. here's a look at your four-day forecast. 70s this weekend. rain hits the area during the afternoon on saturday. saturday evening, looking a little wet. sunday morning, too, before moving out in the afternoon. in the early part, mid part of next week, 80s. again, you can get the forecast by going to the weather channel on cable or >> cool. all you have to do is find a way to start your weekend early, right? >> that's right. >> thanks, veronica. still ahead tonight, the showdown between family's dog and one surprised bear. nnchts sports, to talk about santana moss.
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sonch sonchts. so last night the angels won the game. >> and had a triple play. >> hasn't happened since 1950 something. >> she is unbelievable! >> last night, a lot better than tonight. really, all the way around the horn it was forgettable night for the nats. their owner was shagging flyballs during batting practice before the game, like he has done oftentimes, he took one right between the eyes. mark western her to get stitches. but he's doing just fine. unfortunately, it was a bit of foreshadowing. the nationals took it right between the eyes as well. we start the top of the first.
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david wright facing luis at the line. right, j wright jumps all over this pitch. not out of the park but does enough damage. two runs score. and here comes a third. a bases clearing double for wright. the mets take an early 3-0 lead. bottom two, still 3-0. new york on top. this is roger bernadine at the plate. one out. check out pudge rodriguez. hard slide into second. jose reyes, that throws him off just a bit. he throws it away. that allows adam dunn to score. nationals cut the deficit to two. it was a rough night for ryan zimmerman facing valdez. full count. zimmerman thinks this is ball four. he goes to first. strikes out. flips the bat. struck out six in five innings of work. tyler clifford on the mound. he is pitching to jose reyes. check out the soft shot to third. brian zimmerman.
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oh! falls down. that allows another run to come in to score. take another look at this play. you can see zimmerman initially charges the ball. then as he tries to go back, his spike is caught in the dirt there. and jose reyes says i'll take that no matter how i get it. nationals lose 10-7. they start a series with the o's tomorrow night. two reports of santana moss linked to the canadian doctor charged of smuggling, distributing and unlawful treating athletes with human growth hormone. he was treated by the doctor but unknown if he was actually injected with hgh. redskins head coach mike shanahan said he'll take a wait and see approach. moss has been sitting out recent workouts because he's rehabbing from a recent knee surgery. moss said his knee has been a problem for the past three years which could be why he was allegedly using the canadian doctor and controversial healing treatments number legal action
11:27 pm
will be taken against moss. there is a chance he will be suspended by the nfl if he used hgh. here is mike shanahan's reaction to the news. >> let's just wait and see before we throw him underneath the bus. just because somebody is associated with a doctor doesn't mean that person is guilty. this doctor, you know, he goes through -- i'm not going to go through the doctor, let's wait and see. >> redskins head coach mike shanahan on santana moss. other players have admitted to using hgh in the past. and most of those guys have gotten a four-game suspension. so if he admits it, to the commissioner, if he actually used it, the redskins could be in trouble. we don't know. we really don't know what's going to happen. >> all right. >> talking hockey now. seven periods of play but montreal broke out against the scoring slump. canadiens explode for a 5-1 win in philadelphia. there is one philly fan there. hammer lick ahead to brie an
11:28 pm
gionta. he skates and scores. take at look and see how sweet this goal was. right underneath the pad for gionta. a nice goal there. 5-1 is the final. montreal wins. they still trail 2-1 in the series. >> thanks, man. when we come back, that dog versus bear showdown.
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a family in wisconsin had nervous moments when their dog ran out and faced off with a black bear in the backyard. that's a big dog. the family lives two hours west of milwaukee. the bear was walking around in the backyard and the dog star d
11:31 pm
ed barking. the bear took a couple steps forward and then decided, no, i don't want to mess with him. people say that more bears are going into the neighborhood. they're looking for food and they're not looking for dogs. rocker bret michaels is in the hospital after suffering a warning stroke. he was experiencing numbness on one side of his body. medical tests on michaels revealed this week he also has a hole if his heart. the celebrity apprentice contender had a near deadly brain hemorrhage last month. doctors don't believe any of the conditions are linked. michaels had hoped to appear on this sunday's live finale of "the apprentice here's to the believers.
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